Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #66

Welcome to the Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

We are looking for guests to be on our podcast. The podcast is a discussion of the past week’s news about Star Atlas. If you are interested in being on the podcast, please contact us.

WHAT IS STAR ATLAS? by J33VES the guild bot

The Club posted a video of a general introduction of Star Atlas.

The Atlas Brew #67

Star Atlas TV posted a video replay of the Atlas #67 about Star Atlas claim stakes.

STAR ATLAS #186 Is Auto Approval A Form Of Automation? Be warned!

MetaVerse Explorer post a video of some Star Atlas updates and a tutorial of using a Solflare wallet in Escape Velocity.

Metaverse Nomads #99 Star Atlas w/ [DARK] PockThePirate

MetaVerse Nomads posted a video replay of their Star Atlas live stream.


Aephia published their weekly Star Atlas newsletter.

Star Atlas Chatter #1 – Did you miss some Alpha?

RahMega posted a video about Star Atlas updates from the past week.


Pathfinder posted a video about updates in Star Atlas.

Star Atlas Claim Stakes Deep Dive

Beyond The Horizon posted a video explaining Star Atlas claim stakes.

The Atlas Brew #68

Star Atlas TV posted a video replay of the Atlas Brew #68 about Star Atlas lore.

Star Atlas Escape Velocity : Can you profit?

PockThePirate posted a video about if you can profit in Star Atlas Escape Velocity.

STAR ATLAS #187 Showroom 2.1 Updates Being Announced!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video about Star Atlas updates.

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