Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #48

Welcome to the Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

Star Atlas Director of Game Economics | Metaverse Nomads #81

Metaverse Nomads posted a video of their weekly Star Atlas live stream.


Aephia published their weekly Star Atlas newsletter.

Star Atlas Lore Explained Part I ft Matt Medney

The Hologram News Network interviews Star Atlas head of lore.

STAR ATLAS #156 Aephia January Data Runners Report

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video reviewing the latest Aephia Data Runners report.

Wake Up Star Atlas Community!!!

Gladiator posted a video of his thoughts on a recent Star Atlas video.

STAR ATLAS #157 Free Stuff! Check Your Inventories!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video looking at the recent new Star Atlas ships.

4k Cinematic!!! ~ Star Atlas Showroom Stroll

Gladiator posted a video going through the Star Atlas Showroom.

STAR ATLAS #158 Dev Update is HERE!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video with some Star Atlas updates.

The Road to SAGE: A Guide to the Tech Demo (Part 3)

The Hologram published an article with more information about Star Atlas SAGE.

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