Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #45

Welcome to the Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

STAR ATLAS #148 Points Calculator & Faction RE-SELECTION

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video with Star Atlas updates.

The Guild-State: A Framework for Understanding Guild Behavior in Star Atlas

The Hologram published an article about guild behavior in Star Atlas.


Aephia published their latest Data Runners report for Star Atlas.

Metaverse Nomads #78 w/ Krigs – Founder of @Hologram_News

Metaverse Nomads posted a video of their latest Star Atlas live stream.

STAR ATLAS – Tips & Tricks for Racing!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video about tips and tricks for racing in Star Atlas.

Unlocking the Potential of Star Atlas Ships: Present and Future Capabilities

The Hologram published an article about the potential of Star Atlas ships.

How To Get into Star Atlas in 2023

DominicVain posted a video about how to get into Star Atlas in 2023.

Blockchain Analytics and What It Can Reveal About Star Atlas ft. Star Dust Economy

The Hologram News Network post a video interview with Star Dust Economy.

STAR ATLAS #149 They ESCAPED the Showroom!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video with Star Atlas updates.

Calico Guardian Theory Crafting – Star Atlas Gameplay

Gladiator posted a video about his theories on using the Calico Guardian.

Weekly Star Atlas newsletter – by Aephia Industries – Issue #63

Aephia published their latest Star Atlas newsletter.

STAR ATLAS #150 CONCERNS from a Community Member

MetaVerse Explorer posted more updates on Star Atlas.

Star Atlas Recap #2

A Reddit post recapping the latest in Star Atlas.

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