Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #42

Welcome to the Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

Star Atlas Economic Report 2002 Q4

Star Atlas published their latest State of the Economy report.

Metaverse Nomads #75

Metaverse Nomads posted a video of their latest weekly Star Atlas live stream.

Star Atlas #142 Economic Report, QRA, SAGE VIDEO!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video reviewing the Star Atlas economic report and other topics.

Star Atlas Claim Stakes vs CSS Habs What’s the Difference

OCG Thor posted a video discussing the difference in Star Atlas claim stakes and CSS habs.

Star Atlas SAGE Tech Demo and Pre Alpha

OCG Thor posted a video going through some of the sections of the SAGE game manual.

First gameplay look at Star Atlas

Polemos published an article looking at the initial gameplay in Star Atlas.

Star Atlas SAGE Development V0-V1 Thor’s Thoughts

OCG Thor posted a video continuing on this going through the SAGE game manual.

Star Atlas #143 Is it CHEATING!? I Think NOT!

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video about many Star Atlas topics.

Star Atlas #144 Virtual Reality Confirmed!? Stay away from Bonk

MetaVerse Explorer posted a video about additional Star Atlas news.

In SAGE, Multifaction Guilds Hold Key Combat Advantage

The Hologram published an article discussing multifaction Star Atlas guilds possible combat advantages.

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