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Guild Overview

The Club Guild is a pioneer of the Metaverse and Play-To-Earn gaming space. We are innovators and we give back to our community!

We bring together communities from all over the world to earn through NFT gaming. Our Guild Ambassadors lead by example, sharing their expertise and representing their own member countries.

We constantly innovate, we have worked with our developers and artists to create a Guild Bot, Jeeves who has a persona and backstory but who can also show our verified members their Star Atlas asset worth instantly, cumulative guild assets, rewards leaderboards and many more functions to come in the future.

We promote the social and financial inclusion to ALL – Everyone is welcome in The Club and we are making a targeted effort to encourage female gamers to join us.

‘We give back to our community’ – Our first rewards scheme was the largest Star Atlas rewards scheme in existence, with over 10,000USDC worth of prizes made available. Following on from it’s success we have increased the prize pool to over 16,000USDC worth.

We are navigated to success in the Metaverse by our team, comprising; pro eSports pilots, tech leaders, developers, investors, avid gamers, and futurists.

The Club is also seeking large Star Atlas Asset holders (whales) to join with us so we can maintain a leading edge.



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


5000 - 10000



Industry / Specialization

Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mercenary Work, Mining, PVP / Combat, Retail, Science, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage


All active members will grow and prosper by participating in the guild’s initiatives, including but not limited to:

- Resource exploration teams
- Development of large scale mining operations
- Build extensive trade routes including cross faction trade

- Enhance security through superior intel and fighter fleet strength
- Secure powerful alliances

- Share our collective gained knowledge
- Develop tools to optimise gameplay and business

- Promote the social and financial inclusion to any and all through our planned scholarships
- Give back to our community through rewards and incentives

- Develop of guild structure
- Define roles and heirarchy
- Ensure democratic principles of governance for key decision making

Unique Features

Explorer.StarAtlas.Club; Star Atlas Metaverse Explorer App to easily search through the Star Atlas Ecosystem
Partnership with Big Time and Unix Gaming Guild
We hold ALL Rebirth Posters - providing exclusive rewards
Likely the largest guild by asset value!

Running the Largest Reward Program: Over $16,000 USDC worth of rewards made available. Refer new members for a chance to win. Check our discord for info.


Vladiuz and Loid - @Loid_Official


21 September 2021

Assets Worth

$10 Million - $50 Million

Languages Spoken

English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Somali, Turkish, Armenian, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Swedish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Polish, Tagalog (Filipino), Thai

Alliances & Partners

We are open and allied to ALL. We are currently not in conflict with any other guild.

Member Benefits

- Knowledge and Security
- Tools such as our Star Atlas Explorer and SCORE Pitstop resupply tool
- Plans for future Scholarships
- We give back to our community!

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