Skull & Bones

skull and bones

Guild Overview

Skull & Bones is Star Atlas’ 1st and largest piracy guild.

Our goal is total conquest of deep space. Our focus is in; Piracy, PvP, Deep Space Exploration and Exploitation. The pirate life is about freedom and equality for all- everyone gets 1 vote.  High Risk, High Reward. Be prepared for war!

Our roots are based on the philosophies of the pirates of old. At our core we are a crew of player vs. players, however; we welcome all those with the heart and yearning for the pirate life. Skull & Bones has roles and room for all!

We operate under a manifesto: a macro plan consisting of individual micro components.

Our Guild Philosophy

1. Good Vibes Only

2. All for One and One for All

3. Max Risk, Max Reward

4. Never Surrender

5. Get the Booty!

We succeed because of our combined strength and the trust and respect that is mutually shared between crew members. This is achieved through adherence to the Pirate Code.

The Code

1. Loyalty to the crew; above all

2. Never steal from another crew member

3. Never lie to the crew; this is treachery

4. A % of all earnings from all members will always go to the Guild DAO; hiding your haul will be considered stealing from the crew

5. We are alone as one; together we are legion




Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


100 - 500



Industry / Specialization

Exploring, Piracy, PVP / Combat, Trading


Deep Space Conquest (High Risk Areas)

Unique Features

Star Atlas' 1st and largest piracy DAC




11 September 2021

Assets Worth

Languages Spoken

English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Korean, Thai

Alliances & Partners

[SYN] Syntax, [TAF] The Atlessio Family, [DARK] Dark Matter, [TS] The Syndicate, [HEIM] Heimdall Industries, [TAG] The Armana Group, Space Dragon, [BSA] Brasil Star Atlas, Mercantile Guild, [RPG] Rouge Paladin Guild, NFT2Earn.

Member Benefits

The path to glory and loot!

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