Heimdall Industries

Heimdall Industries

Guild Overview

1000 years ago our ancestors built the greatest ships the world had seen, the low-profile Longship, being able to travel across the harsh north sea but still sail small rivers upstream with a large crew. They discovered new lands and became expert traders and explorers. 

Heimdall Industries seeks to be no less than our ancestors! Our goal is to be the #1 manufacturer for the best ships and equipment available in Star Atlas Universe. Our new generation of Vikings will break the old borders and set sail to destinations unknown in the universe. Discover new worlds, resources, and cultures. Build the next generation of ships with capabilities the world has never seen before. We will build relations and infrastructure with other guilds and offer our great craftsmanship in return. 

We expect our Vikings to be the best of themselves and contribute to the fellowship and community we’re creating. We offer our members the infrastructure and community they need to get started on their journey in the metaverse. Our Ship-manufacturing aspect will also allow our members to be well rewarded for their work and contribution to building the greatest ships of the metaverse! 

Who are we?

Heimdall Industries is a guild bringing Viking lore into the metaverse by creating a community of likeminded people where everyone has their own talents and contributes is the best way they can. We believe that with a strong community working together on a common goal, we will achieve true greatness!
Vikings was more than the nordic raiders, raiding the English coast. They were farmers, explorers, traders and soldiers.
Heimdall Industries believes this way is relevant to the Star Atlas metaverse. We are curious and exited people looking to explore the universe and find rich lands for farming and mining. Establishing production lines for the production of space ships. Creating trade routes and commerce with other guilds and factions.


Are YOU one of us?

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Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


100 - 500



Industry / Specialization

Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mining, Retail, Science, Trading, Transport / Haulage


Heimdall Industries objective is to create a fun and rewarding community focused on ship manufacturing and economical growth.

Unique Features

Heimdall Industries is the first Star Atlas Guild building on the Viking lore as the New age space vikings!


VikingenBenny, Heimdall, Ragnarr Lodbrok


5 September 2021

Assets Worth

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Alliances & Partners

Member of United Metaverse Accords

We are a Friendly Non-hostile guild.

Member Benefits

Being part of a community with a broad variety of members, the community will help eachother and share the latest and best knowledge within Star Atlas and Crypto in general.

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