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destination space

Guild Overview

Destination: Space is a guild that plans to operate within the Star Atlas metaverse. We are a non-corporate guild that wants to help our community grow and prosper. This will hopefully include everything from guilds raids and social events to ship rentals and a job board!

Our plans start with community building where we hope to help players form connections, build their portfolios, earn money, and control their part of this vast new universe! For any in metaverse guild work, the plan is to give 90% of the profits to the workers. The rest will go towards things like website development, Discord/Reddit moderation, social media management, event planning, guild asset attribution, and giveaways. Just as any donation would. Good luck and have fun!



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


10 - 50



Industry / Specialization

Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mercenary Work, Mining, Retail, Science, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage


Step 1: Community Building

Our current objective is to grow the community. This will start with basic promotion of the guild on Star Atlas socials. After we have a decent amount of discord members and a framework for management, stage two of Community Building will commence.

While this is all going on we plan to keep the community up to date on new events and things coming to the Star Atlas metaverse as well as our own guild.

Please feel free to hop down to verify-discord to get your role and access more of the server!

Step 2: Asset Development

As we work together to forge this new path we need to collect ships, polis, resources, etc. This will allow us to jump into the universe full force with a great jump start.

Step 3: Launch

Once the full real time strategy element is implemented the guild will set up in a solar system and build a thriving metropolis where we will prosper and develop further.

Step 4: Expansion

Once we reach a stable enough economy within our first main solar system, we will begin to spread out and bring more systems into our ranks.

Unique Features

LGBTQIA+ Friendly, BLM, safe-space for all.




4 March 2022

Assets Worth

$0 - $10k

Languages Spoken


Alliances & Partners

Member Benefits

High paying guild work, tight knit welcoming community, giveaways, and in-guild rescue ships.

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