Dark Matter

dark matter

Guild Overview

Mission Statement

Our mission as Dark Matter is to loot, plunder, protect, build, and explore the deepest depths of space while maintaining a profitable system for our guild members.


  1. Exploration. Dark Matter will explore the universe and try to understand its secrets. Organize high-risk missions for even higher rewards.
  2. Piracy. The free fleet aims at being the Robin Hoods of the galaxy, stealing from the tyrants trying to take advantage of the weak and redistributing the rewards to all of its members.
  3. Research. Our activities will always have a central goal : self-improvement. And that means having the best ship modules to always have a winning-edge in all our missions.


As of now our structuring will consist of a Pirate Council which will be composed of the original members until we have enough members to have elections. Within the pirate council there will be between 5-10 people that will have discussion about major guild related activities that will then be given to our guild members to vote upon. If the vote is not a majority then the vote does not pass. Under the pirate council will be the advisory board who work directly under the council and substitute for a council member if they are not available. The advisory board will be elected with representatives from all parts of the guild.

There will be a guild treasury which members will contribute a small percentage to. Profits from missions and raids will also contribute a share to the treasury to facilitate the purchase of capital ships and provide insurance.  

Current Positions

The guild is now open for general admission. We’re currently looking for anyone who’s highly motivated in helping our guild grow. Any talents are a bonus and we don’t have a requirement on asset ownership.

We are also still looking for highly involved members who’d like to take a leading position. For those few positions, having some professional or artistic talent and own assets in the game are a real bonus.

Anyone who’s Ustur and willing to assist in piracy, deep space exploration or research missions will be welcome.



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


100 - 500



Industry / Specialization

Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mercenary Work, Mining, Piracy, PVP / Combat, Retail, Trading


Our goals are to profit from all the resources that we find in deep space as well as to protect those that we have alliances with. We’ll develop a sustainable strategy to always be innovative in our explorations and sell our findings to the market. We want to have a profitable mining/exploration branch of our guild to improve our fleets with better ships while maintaining profitable trading posts. Most of our assets will be our fleets. Land will be kept to a minimum and as a means of trading.

Unique Features

Being a smaller guild means we are faster acting and have a voting system in place for anybody to move up or down in ranks as well as all guild related activities.
1 person = 1 vote no matter the position.
We will have fair shares of rewards for the guild members so that whales do not dominate the voting or earnings.
We will not attack other Ustur or our Allies ships unless provoked and will offer our Pirate fleet as a fighting force to protect our allies.


Mjr_Eazy, Chaldan, Cosmo, Leo OS


29 December 2021

Assets Worth

$10k - $100k

Languages Spoken

English, French

Alliances & Partners

Skull & Bones (S&B)

Member Benefits

We hope to devise an insurance plan for deep space exploration and piracy activities to minimize losses that we incur. Gains (after contributing a share to the Treasury) earned by the guild on each mission will be given back to the participants of the mission.
We want to focus on Medium & High risk zones and the rewards structure will be designed to reward those taking the risks but provide a level of insurance to mitigate this risk and contribute to the Treasury for the good of the guild.
Any task/job posting will be shared within the guild before hiring externally.

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