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Guild Overview

The Chain Lords Guild (‘CLG’) is an organisation with the goal of creating success across the Metaverse through consolidation of pay-to-earn in game assets. The vision for CLG and its members is to develop a profitable virtual world economy not just within the Star Atlas community but throughout the Metaverse itself.

All of our members bear the title ‘Lord’, representative of our position within Star Atlas.

Due to our diverse international community CLG is uniquely positioned to excel within Star Atlas by utilizing our full-time scholars and members to coordinate persistent world strategies around the clock, allowing for strategic procurement and allocation of resources.

The Guild will be made up of various departments responsible for in game mining, commercial engagements such as freight transport and industrial defense, military operations, escort duties, space exploration, manufacturing, engineering and political negotiation.

We know the Metaverse will be the next step in human social evolution and as such we understand there is no place for the unfortunate toxicity usually rampant within the online gaming community. In a world where anonymity is prized, we still understand that an organisation is only as good as its reputation and as such our word is our bond and our members who carry our name must adhere to this principle.

We understand that strength is not only in quality but also quantity and invite all to join us on our journey. CLG recognizes more than just profit, if you’re willing to give of yourself and join a group who rewards loyalty in equal measure then we invite you to bear the title of ‘Lord’ and join our ranks.

Our hard work and access to dedicated personnel will be second to none. We have nothing to prove and invite all to share in our success.


  1. How can members access CLG assets?

A: CLG has a governing token called ‘Glory’ currently available on Uni Swap which will allow all members to stake it in return for use of CLG assets and will also grant members the ability to vote on guild decisions. For further information on the breakdown of the tokenomics of GLORY, check out our website white paper.

  1. I’m looking for a fun guild not just a guild purely driven by profit, is the Chain Lords right for me?

A: As a Guild we don’t believe profit and fun are mutually exclusive. Our Guild Leaders aren’t just immersed in the world of crypto but also online gaming. We have experience being a part of gaming guilds and just want to harness that passion to create financial success. We work hard so that we have the opportunity to play hard too.

  1. I don’t have time to commit hours every day to CLG, will this stop me from being involved?

A: We understand people have real life priorities, as such we have positions for people who wish to game as fulltime scholars but also for those who wish to game for fun whilst making some money.

  1. How do I stay up to date with all Chain Lord announcements and activities?

A: Check out our discord and twitter. All updates on purchases and in game strategy are found there.



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


5000 - 10000



Industry / Specialization

Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mining, PVP / Combat, Retail, Science, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage


CLG’s objectives are simple. We believe there is money and fame to be made within Star Atlas and the Metaverse at large. We believe that our interactions to do this can be mutually beneficial to those third parties around us. We do not seek to destroy or take what is not rightfully ours but in the same frame of thought we will not hesitate to defend every asset and member who bear the Chain Lords name.
Financial autonomy for our members and exponential success will be accomplished through reinvestment of all guild revenue streams into more assets/equipment/NFT’s. Our ultimate road map is to be at the forefront of Metaverse expansion and bringing real value add to the Metaverse by supporting various play-to-earn economies.

Unique Features

-Ability to utilize the Guild treasury to transfer assets between games within the Metaverse.
-Ranking/leveling structure allowing governance of guild decisions and structuring of in game squadrons.
-International community that is welcoming to all who would join, ranging from Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, England, New Zealand and USA to name a few.
-Depending on the dedication and loyalty of the guild members, opportunity for full time scholarships. Make gaming your profession with our scholarship application process found on our website and in our discord.
-Various regiments/departments allowing guild members to custom tailor their journey within Star Atlas. Our focus is passion and financial expansion, we seek to accomplish this ethically in anyway possible, so don’t worry about any profession restrictions. We’ll support you in return for your loyalty!
-Expert experienced gamers from various pay-to-earn platforms, providing mentoring and training for any interested members.


Republik Rupiah, Global Pathways


1 November 2021

Assets Worth

$500k - $1 Million

Languages Spoken

English, Indonesian

Alliances & Partners

CLG is always on the lookout for potential partnerships that are beneficial within Star Atlas and the greater Metaverse at large.

Member Benefits

The most important member benefits available to CLG members is our internal economy that can be applied across various play-to-earn games. Through utilization of the guild governance token (GLORY) members can transfer and utilize various assets part of the CLG treasury and as a result will not be restricted to participation in the Star Atlas world. In other words if you grow and excel as a guild member within Star Atlas you can use those resources to transfer across to different play-to-earn games, not only will you have access to other metaverse resources, but you will also have access to the Guild expertise available.
This will also allow CLG to transfer and use the assets from other various revenue streams for the growth of the guild within Star Atlas. By joining the Guild you are able to access a plethora of resources throughout the Metaverse itself.
The more involved that members are within the Guild, the more responsibility will become available to them, which will be reflected in the resulting financial rewards.

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