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Guild Overview

At Aephia Industries, it is our mission to empower every sentient being by making interstellar travel accessible to everyone.

We don’t regard ourselves as creators of spaceships, but as providers of true personal freedom: the ability to go anywhere in the universe, whenever you choose to. We are offering everyone the power to take full control of their own destiny!

In order to achieve this and deliver a high level of craftsmanship, we focus on two key areas:

1. Our People

First and first most, we realize at a fundamental level that it’s the people that are at the heart of Aephia. We are nothing without the many talented individuals that have joined us over these many years.

Therefore we work tirelessly to make sure you can thrive with us and that your voice is heard. No matter if you’ve been with us for years, or joined us yesterday, we give everybody the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the big picture. We work hard to make sure we harbor a collaborative culture of inclusion and offer everyone space for personal growth and originality, supported by resources that make a difference in your life

2. Vertical Integration

Secondly, we fully embrace vertical integration. We control all major critical parts of our supply chain used to make and sell our products, from the mines from which we extract our titanium, to the show rooms where we sell our products.

Join Us!

In order to help make our mission a reality and keep pace with our growing galactic business, we are looking for the universe’s best and brightest who do not merely want to join something, but make an impact.

We offer you a place where you can work with others who share your passion, where a healthy respect for courage and original thinking inspires you to bring your best to what we do together.

Interested? Join our community today and help define it!
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Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


1000 - 5000



Industry / Specialization

Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mining, Science, Trading, Transport / Haulage


Build! Own! Earn!
Aephia Industries strives to become #1 manufacturing powerhouse in the metaverse!

Unique Features

- 4 out of top 5 accounts by activity on Star Atlas Discord server
- 3 out of 3 Atlassianaire (game trivia competition) winners, with grand finale winner getting "VIP tour through the Star Atlas digital offices, with some ALPHA LEAKS included"
- 2 out of 3 Star Atlas writing competition winners
- Not just active, knowledgeable, and creative corporation, but also helpful and always on top of game developments. Check us out, we're recruiting!


Prometheus and Funcracker


18 July 2021

Assets Worth

No Answer

Languages Spoken


Alliances & Partners

Aephia is friendly towards everyone, since everyone is a potential customer.

Member Benefits

Knowledge-sharing in the guild is on point!
If you want to stay up to date on everything Star Atlas related and learn how to improve your efficiency in every aspect, this is the place to be!
Apart from activities directly related to Star Atlas, we also started a Technical Analysis education camp led by a professional technical analyst.

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