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Skull & Bones

skull and bones
Skull & Bones is Star Atlas' 1st and largest piracy guild. Our goal is total conquest of deep space. Our focus is in; Piracy, PvP, Deep Space Exploration and Exploitation. The pirate life is about freedom and equality for all- everyone gets 1 vote.  High Risk, High Reward. Be prepared for war!...


Quimera Guild
Presentamos a Quimera como empresa en el metaverso de Star Atlas, con unos valores y filosofía centrada en la unión. Nuestro eslogan y saludo es: "Somos uno, pero no estamos solos" SUPNES. Sin dejar de lado codigos de vital importancia para nosotros, como el respeto, lealtad, cooperación y autosuperación individual...

Atlas Lions

atlas lions
Welcome to atlas lions, our object is clear, Peace is delicately balanced between Ustur, mud and oni, Naturally conflict flares up, but there are peaceful, even relaxing, paths for anyone who wants to enjoy the many sights and surprises that the galaxy has to offer As a Ustur, our goal...


OPENSPACE Corporation Доброго времени суток, Атлассиане! 👉🏻Если вы читаете это сообщение, значит вы уже на шаг ближе к тем, кто будет строить новый мир - виртуальный мир в космосе! 🌌Мы первая космическая корпорация метавселенной Star Atlas в русскоязычном пространстве - «OPENSPACE CORPORATION» (OPEN), которая объединяет игроков эпичной игры по всему...

Gargantua Industries

gargantua industries
  Gargantua Industries est un géant en devenir, une guilde francophone, organisée comme une multinationale atlassienne centrée sur la maîtrise de la chaine d'approvisionnement grâce à ses huit filiales. La Structure La guilde est structurée comme une coopérative avec la DAO à sa tête pour réaliser les investissements qu’un joueur...

Heimdall Industries

Heimdall Industries
1000 years ago our ancestors built the greatest ships the world had seen, the low-profile Longship, being able to travel across the harsh north sea but still sail small rivers upstream with a large crew. They discovered new lands and became expert traders and explorers.  Heimdall Industries seeks to be no...


Hello there, our guild "Madfam001" is a Thai-based guild looking to expand over the SEA region. We are often known as a charity guild in our homeland because we offer one of the highest yield scholarship programs from another NFT game. We also just like to do charity stuff 🥴....

Dragon Corp

dragon corp
Bienvenido a DRAGON CORP. una empresa de seguridad que se encuentra en el universo de Star Atlas. Dragon Corp. promueve una cultura de cumplimiento y excelencia cooperativa, en la que la familia de Dragon Corp. quiere crecer hasta convertirse en los lideres de la Industria Militar. Vamos donde otros no...

The Amarna Group

The Amarna Group is a metaverse entertainment company. Within the realm of Star Atlas, it is also a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC). The Amarna Group (TAG) is organized into three main branches: Amarna City - the core of the TAG and will focus on creators, artists, and personalities of the...


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