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I have assembled a list of projects that are part of the Star Atlas Build program. These Builders are creating a diverse set of projects including merch stores, 3D models, photography, food and art. The directory can be found at https://intergalacticherald.com/star-atlas-builders/. If you would like your project to be included on the directory, please contact

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As a member of the Star Atlas community, I am so thankful for all the Star Atlas content creators. They produce the great content that I so much enjoy reading and listening to on the weekend to stay up-to-date on Star Atlas. But there is another part of the Star Atlas community that I also

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Announcing Intergalactic Gear

Intergalactic Herald is proud to announce the launch of Intergalactic Gear. Intergalactic Gear is the future one-stop-shop for all die-hard gamers and fans of Star Atlas! We aim on being the premier retailer for exclusive and high-quality merchandise inspired by Star Atlas. Our future extensive collection of unique products may include apparel, collectibles, accessories, and

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